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Microsoft Security Patches Are Out Today.

Our system administrators are braced for a hefty November Pumpkin Patch Tuesday from Microsoft. November Patch Tuesday release will include 6 bulletins with 4 that are critical. Your dedicated technician is waiting for your call to keep your system up to date, and check your backup.

Microsoft releases security patches the second Tuesday of every month. Adobe, JAVA, and other software vendors also prepare their corrective updates around this time. Your technician wants to assist with this regular maintenance necessary to keep your computer healthy, and virus free. While we are helping to maintain your system, it will be a good time to validate your backup too. Making sure your backup is there, and working is incredibly important!


Bulletin 1, listed at critical, is an Internet Explorer vulnerability that could be used in both drive-by and targeted attacks. This will be the top priority for both businesses and consumers since an attacker would be able to compromise their system if the user visits a malicious web page.

Bulletins 2, 4 and 5 are critical bulletins that affect all Microsoft operating systems, from Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, all the way up to Windows Server 2012. Bulletins 2 and 5 are core operating system flaws that require restart to fix. This means that organizations may experience temporary service disruptions due to patching. Most organizations provision time for these types of service disruptions revolving around Patch Tuesday.

Bulletin 6 is a Microsoft Office vulnerability listed as important, which will allow remote code execution if a victim opens a malicious Office document. This bulletin is listed as important because the attacker can't force the user to open a document; they would have to be socially engineered into opening it.

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FBI Virus... this sneaky malware is everywhere!

This scam presents itself as a "FBI Alert" and attempts to scare you. Don't get scammed like these guys did. We can help!
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We win the Golden Broom award
It's a major award!

What an honor ! We are happy to help make Tacony broom swept clean.

Behind The Scenes

We are making a TV show. Watch how we film an episode of the highly reviewed show called the cooking informant.
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Our IT consolidation products are turn-key solutions.

Introducing the new 2012 Hyper V edition.

In this edition

-BGL Enterprises
-PFCU Payroll
-Company In-A-Box
-Tacony Revitalization
-Fargomogo Multi-Modal

Back to the basics

We will never overlook what really matters: The basics. Great service, honest pricing, and respect for our customer’s time, money, and trust.
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Computer Guy offers Web Design, SEO, and Programming assistance for smaller companies.

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Fargomogo: Elite Support for clients that require the best.

Manual Alarcon runs likely the most sophisticated support platform for business travelers available. Keep track of your people in the field. Expenses, inventory, across geographic areas, and in real time.


Stay connected!

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An original designed web site by Computer Guy.

We are helping Alex Balloon, and The Tacony Revitalization Project with their graphic, and web site needs. We are hoping to revitalize the historic Tacony area, and we will! Here is the new web site we are happy to create.
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Our amazing Manny spent all night in a server farm helping Brunner fix an oil supplier before their trucks reached the gas stations.

Manny selflessly stayed on despite being relieved in order to help his teammate during a horrendous over night emergency service. Starting Friday night through Sunday afternoon, the Brunner-Manny team fixed an oil company up just in time. Look how tired this guy is. A server farm room is very cold, very noisy, and very brightly lit.
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Our fully equipped computer facility is at your service around the clock

Computer Guy provides practical solutions that gives our clients dependable results with dedicated support technicians.
Its not the comedic flare, the ultra-hip office space or the accolades we have received. Clients choose Computer Guy for the basics: Experience, Knowledge, and Proven Results.
Since 1995 we have been focused on providing effective realistic, and original IT solutions for our clients.
We offer an affordable flat rate managed technology service for your business with dedicated personalized technicians, and project managers providing Microsoft server, and client support, software, printer, and web site support too. We even manage your Google AdWords and social media efforts. Have a representative from Computer Guy over for a free evaluation of your computer systems today to save on your IT costs.

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