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Cloud Computing Disappointment

Larry Ellison eloquently discusses cloud computing. Mr. Ellison founder and CEO of Oracle, and who is right at the tippy top of technology A- listers talks frankly about the nonsense of cloud computing hype.

We agree with Mr. Ellison that cloud computing is a marketing hype based on technologies that have been around a long time.
Our most recent experience at Computer Guy involved a failure of a cloud service for one of our clients. The client had almost all necessary functions by a remote service. Of course we setup a disaster recovery plan to attempt to anticipate possible failure scenarios. In this case we spent valuable workday time attempting to communicate with the cloud vendor to determine what was happening before we could move to the next step in restoring services, and that is one of the problems with public cloud technologies. The data is not in your control. If your cloud vendor has a problem, as Amazon, and other vendors large and small have, then you are at the mercy of a vendor that might not be as responsive as you would like and there is nothing you can do about it.
Software as a service, virtual operating systems, remote apps, and other technologies labeled as cloud can make your systems more efficient and less costly to maintain, but you will always need a verified backup, and disaster recovery plan. These cloud technologies can be implemented in what some people call private cloud. Private cloud technologies remain in your control, behind your firewall, or at least where you can get to it. Maybe this is the best way for larger IT systems.

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