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Curosity Rover Is On It's Way !

DeGirolamo: The Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) inherited many design elements from the earlier Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity, including six-wheel drive, a rocker-bogie suspension system and cameras mounted on a mast to help the mission's team on Earth select exploration targets and driving routes. Unlike earlier rovers, Curiosity carries equipment to gather samples of rocks and soil, process them and distribute them to onboard test chambers inside analytical instruments, and has a friggin laser that can vaporize rock from 30 feet. The 10 pounds of Plutonium can keep this car size rover going for a good long time.

The actual launch period will go from November 25 to December 18. Launch within that period will result in a Mars landing between August 6 and August 20, 2012. This is a relatively short cruise period, and it will result in a landing geometry such that Curiosity will not have direct-to-Earth communication capability during landing.

Let's Talk About Science!

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