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A Practical Cloud Product From Computer Guy

A low maintenance technology developed by Computer Guy, using a virtual 2008 server hosted by you, Share Point, Off Site backup, and Exchange hosted affordably and in the USA. A complete customizable company with reception stations, design stations, accounting, POS systems, or any custom setup desired. An immediate inexpensive turnkey solution managed affordably by Computer Guy. PRODUCT LAUNCH IN JULY !

Let's Talk About Science!

We like to talk about our side projects, and latest science and technology news here.

The Computer Guy Classic T-Shirt !

The Computer Guy Classic T-Shirt

The Classic "Problem Solved - Others Created" T-Shirt is now available.

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Computer Guy provides a technology concierge service. We offer a level of service most other tech support companies just can't provide. Computer Guy is celebrating 25 years in business and we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We Are A+ Rated

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